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Adjustable Dolly (Single)

Adjustable Dolly (Single) Adjustable Dolly (Single) Adjustable Dolly (Single) Adjustable Dolly (Single)

Product name : Adjustable Dolly (Single)

Details :

Special features:

  • 'One-for-all' adjustable design to suit a wide range of stacking/nesting container sizes

  • Highly robust steel material with a load capacity up to 200-400kg depending on the wheel specification

  • Wheels can be of different sizes, types and materials to match the conditions

  • Optional pull handle to assist vision and manoeuvrability

  • The edges can be made into a three-sided enclosure (leaving 1 side open) which makes moving a stack of crates directly from a horizontal surface such as a pallet onto the dolly possible

  • Dollies can be easily hooked up with each other just like train carriages, which means several stacks of crates can be moved simultaneously

  • When not in use, dollies can be adjusted to their minimum dimensions to save storage space


Please go to "Download Centre" for further information of the product. 

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